Projecting the Soul Through Interior Design

At home in Edmond - Nuvo Home, Tracee StrongWhen was the last time you enjoyed a peaceful space to read or enjoy family and friends? What made it peaceful? Nuvo Home, Oklahoma City’s Modern Eclectic furniture store, assists metro residents by offering consultations and designing stylish rooms. At its heart, Modern Eclectic “borrows from every style and blends it into something perfectly suited for every space,” says Tracee Strong, owner of Nuvo Home.

To achieve this style, the designer must have, according to Tracee, “a keen eye and a strong sense of balance.” When done correctly, it is the ultimate expression of one’s personality.” Her journey to opening Nuvo Home began as a young child,inspired by her mother’s sense of style. Growing up in a single-mother household, Tracee learned that stylish surroundings don’t have to cost a fortune. When she became a mother, Tracee and her husband Trey spent time raising a family. “After being a stay-at-home Mom for over a decade, I started praying for my own mid-life revival.”

At home in Edmond, Nuvo Home, Tracee StrongAnd then her answer came through tragic and perplexing circumstances. Patricia Fransen, owner of Options 2 Design, employed Tracee for a short period of time. Shortly after hiring her, Fransen was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. In the time Tracee worked for Fransen, she was given a lifetime of wisdom by her remarkable mentor.

Tracee’s 4000sq ft space offers customers hundreds of choices to make the individualized process of home design materialize. Nuvo Home’s dreamy wonderland awakens everyone’s muse. “Whether it is small or large, grand or normal, a room or a whole house, old or new, rental or yours, it should give you relaxation and that ‘new outfit’ feeling, making you feel fabulous and inspired when you’re home.”

A vast chasm exists between a corporately run furniture store and Nuvo Home, an independently managed business. Earlier in life, Tracee was tempted to give up her creativity as a potential source of income. In the end, she bravely abandoned the “more practical” career advice and took a leap of faith by opening Nuvo Home.

Featuring “artisanal pieces that express humanity and the vulnerability of the craftsperson,” is central to Nuvo Home. “I love a home that has the character of vintage combined with the freshness of modernity.” This unique quality cannot be achieved through mass produced products. “A home is more than just things. It’s a place of serenity, a place where you find your peace, a place that reflects what you love and who you are.”

As a former artist handcrafting drapery, pillows, and cushions, Tracee possesses a natural eye for beauty which is evident in each room design. Because she took the road less traveled and jumped into the design world, she has a space that allows her to bring her dog Dazy to work, play the music she loves and enjoy getting to know her customers, sharing experiences and life stories. Tracee Strong has become more than a business owner; she is a neighbor and a friend. “Everyone has a good story or experience to share,” she says.

Nuvo Home gives customers the opportunity to create stylish spaces with furniture, rugs, lighting, local accents and local artists’ works. Tracee’s store embodies a quote from Coco Chanel, “an interior is the natural projection of the soul.” Call 405-608-8001, swing by 9235 N Pennsylvania the Village, OK 73120 or browse online at your leisure at

At Home in Edmond, Article Fall 2018